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Dorks Discount Computers

Dork's Discount Computers is located in Jacksonville, Florida, and has been in operation since April 1998. Dork's Discount Computers is a family operated business that specializes in protecting your personal and business computers from the viruses and malware so prevelant on The Intenet. We provide virus removal and malware removal services. Dork's Discount Computers business thrives on a good reputation and sound customer service, so we put a lot of equity in ensuring high quality and high value. Our systems feature the best components unlike cheap mass produced systems from other computer manufacturers.

Dorks Discount Computers specializes in virus removal and safeguarding computer systems. We do it all from a single Personal Computer to entire networks your data's safety is our concern. 

Our turn around time for cleaning a system and restoring it to a pristine condition is usually 24 hours. In today, home tomorrow safe and sound. If you want to ensure your system is fully protected, drop your computer off in the morning and pick it up the following day. Your protection is our business and we will ensure you are up-to-date and your system is safe.